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An Ethical, Professional, and Personal Approach to the International Adoption Process

We handle our adoption cases in a sensitive, compassionate, and straightforward manner. We go the extra mile for our parents and for our kids, remaining committed to the adoption process. Our Executive Director is an attorney who has worked internationally for many years before pursuing adoption work. Our team is ethical, committed, passionate, and knowledgeable. Specifically:

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Candace O'Brien at Adopt International is an AMAZING WOMAN! She is very intelligent and dependable. We have referred her to three of our friends and acquaintances since the completion of our adoption. During the adoption process, Candace was remarkable at communicating and instructing. I truly feel that Candace O'Brien became a dear friend through this process and hope to maintain a long lasting friendship with her!

Our daughter, Sierra, has made our life complete! She is very healthy and I think "the Perfect child"...tee..hee!!

I thank God for bringing Candace and Sierra into our lives every day! The adoption process is an emotional experience and I feel that Candace was there for us emotionally and her professionalism was displayed at all times!

S. Roach

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