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Adoption Testimonial:  Vilkinofsky

At AdoptInternational, we are passionate about adoption. We work hard to bring these precious children to your loving homes; we are proud to have many happy clients.  Here is  one who has taken the time to share her experience with us... and with you.

Alex is THE BEST!! He is such a sweet & happy baby. You can really tell that Deyanira the foster Mom took fabulous care of him. He is so loving to everyone, but he bonded very strongly to John & me. That certainly shows that he had a great start with Deyanira in Guatemala.

We are so thankful to you [ Candace O'Brien ] and Mayra for referring him to us & for getting him home to us so quickly.

One thing that I really appreciated about AI [ AdoptInternational ] is that there were no weird agency rules that a-parents had to abide by. Everything was spelled out. I certainly appreciated being able to stay at the hotel of my choice in Guatemala as our previous agency would allow us to stay at only one hotel. You allowed us to visit whenever we wanted and we truly appreciated your flexibility.

We also appreciated the fact that Mayra is very picky about the children that she refers... Even though we had to wait a bit for his referral, Alex's adoption went super smoothly. Plus, Alex's DNA testing was done when he was 2 weeks old... which was a real blessing. We were never worried about a missing birthmom or funky documents.

J. Vilkinofsky

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