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Adoption Testimonials

At AdoptInternational, we are passionate about adoption. We work hard to bring these precious children to your loving homes, and are proud to have many happy clients. Below are some who have taken the time to share their experiences with us... and with you.

Candace O'Brien at Adopt International is an AMAZING WOMAN! She is very intelligent and dependable. We have referred her to three of our friends and acquaintances since the completion of our adoption. During the adoption process, Candace was remarkable at communicating and instructing. I truly feel that Candace O'Brien became a dear friend through this process and hope to maintain a long lasting friendship with her!

Our daughter, Sierra, has made our life complete! She is very healthy and I think "the Perfect Child"...tee..hee!!

I thank God for bringing Candace and Sierra into our lives every day! The adoption process is an emotional experience and I feel that Candace was there for us emotionally and her professionalism was displayed at all times!

S. Roach

We are so thankful to you [ Candace O'Brien ] and Mayra for referring him [Alex] to us & for getting him home to us so quickly.

One thing that I really appreciated about AI [ AdoptInternational ] is that there were no weird agency rules that a-parents had to abide by. Everything was spelled out. I certainly appreciated being able to stay at the hotel of my choice in Guatemala as our previous agency would allow us to stay at only one hotel. You allowed us to visit whenever we wanted and we truly appreciated your flexibility.

J. Vilkinofsky

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I met Candace O'Brien early on in my search for an agency and was immediately taken with her open, warm, and honest approach coupled with her depth of knowledge and professional integrity.

Candace supported me through the whole adoption process, providing guidance on the paperwork and forms I needed and also keeping me informed of exactly what was happening with my case. She always responded quickly to queries and questions.

I think the real test for an adoption agency lies in the question about whether someone who has already adopted a child through them would a) use that agency again for themselves and b) recommend them to their closest family and friends. In both situations my answer would be a resounding YES!

J. Benoy

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I cannot say enough wonderful things about Candace O'Brien and the AdoptInternational staff!!!  Candace has provided me with pictures, medical information and a sincere desire to complete the adoption as quickly as possible. She has remained in constant contact throughout the entire process offering advice, encouragement and guidance that is much needed during the wait!! She is always available to answer questions.....even the most ridiculous ones. Believe me, I have had plenty of those. She is patient, kind, understanding and very knowledgeable. She takes immediate action and does not allow anything to go unattended!! Like I said earlier, I cannot say enough about her and her agency other than the fact that she will see you through from beginning to end without hesitation.

K. Moulton

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You are wonderful.  Thank you for everything!

—S. Ashley

Have your ever had a day when you were in a rush to get somewhere, and every stop light you came to was red? That was Wendy's adoption. But, we wouldn't have made it through without Candace O'brien and her people [ AdoptInternational ]. She is intelligent, resourceful, and caring.  She made additional trips to Guatemala to get our case moving; she literally moved mountains.

Would other agencies have gone the extra steps that Candace takes for her clients? I can only wonder. We highly recommend Adopt International. You will be working with good honest people.

—S. Zotz

[Below is the observation and feedback of an adoptive parent about our Guatemala team during her visit to see her son Jack, whom she will soon bring home.]

...The foster mother and her family are amazing and I could not imagine that Jack could be with anyone better.

Carla is very sweet and a great liaison.

The foster mother knows that Kevin will be called Jack and immediately began calling him Jack.

...Jack was very playful, happy, developed properly, etc. You can really tell his foster mother adores him and that he gets superior care. With that said, it still killed us to leave him, but it sure made it easier knowing he is in her care.

...In closing, you should be very proud of the impression that Carla, the foster mother and her family gave us. It seemed to be a natural extension of how caring you've [ Candace O'Brien ] been with us through the process.

L. Johnson

Candace O'Brien, from our first conversation I had absolute confidence in you and you never let me down. It was clear that you offered a very personal service and I would not just be a number on your list. It was a pleasure to work with you, and because of you I have my darling Mariela. Mariela had a brilliant foster mother and had such a good start to her little life. We are both very happy and it's all down to you. Thank you.

C. Brown

You were awesome!

—G. Tolou

It obvious to us and to anyone who has the honor to meet Candace O'Brien, how much love she has for children and her desire to find them loving homes. The adoption process is very emotional and she was there with us every step of the way. She understands the need for us parents to be informed of every detail throughout the process. We can't express our gratitude for bringing Joseph into our lives. We will never forget the joy, the happiness, the fulfillment...the LOVE we felt when we first held Joseph in our arms. We owe this all to AdoptInternational. May God bless you as you continue to bring families together.

C. Matthews

Thank you for everything. You know you are my angel.

—F. Petit

Candace goes far beyond the others with her legal, physical, and emotional help for you, your child, and your child's foster parents. I am very impressed with the professional and personal way that AI [AdoptInternational] handled our adoption case. They treated us as if we are their only client and all their time is devoted to our case. Of course this isn't true but the extra personal touch really helped....I thank God every day for Candace and her agency—helping the children in Guatemala (and other countries) and their biological mothers. Candace is truly an Angel of God working to find good loving homes like yours and mine (I sure try to keep it that way...ha! ha!) to care for God's children.

—S. Zotz

Thank you so much for helping us with [our adoption] Candace. You were absolutely amazing as are your team in Azerbaijan.

—L. Stawowy

The best thing we did is going with your agency [ AdoptInternational ].  I hope many other families do as well.  They won't be disappointed.

D. Lynardakis

You know Candace that had it not been for you I wouldn't be a mother receiving the card from you! I doubt you'll ever know that you are the most important person in our family. We would have NEVER known Vessie without you!....Remember, you are my hero!

K. Wilson

I have wanted to thank you over and over and over again with enormous hugs for doing such a wonderful job helping Patty make her big journey...

—D. Rohr

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