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Adoption Testimonial:  Benoy

At AdoptInternational, we are passionate about adoption. We work hard to bring these precious children to your loving homes; we are proud to have many happy clients.  Here is  one who has taken the time to share her experience with us... and with you.

I have recently brought my daughter, Emilia, home to the UK and wanted to tell other prospective adopters about my experience using Adopt International.

I met Candace O'Brien early on in my search for an adoption agency and was immediately taken with her open, warm, and honest approach coupled with her depth of knowledge and professional integrity.

Candace supported me through the whole adoption process, providing guidance on the paperwork and forms I needed and also keeping me informed of exactly what was happening with my case. She always responded quickly to queries and questions

My daughter was cared for by an excellent foster mother. Emilia clearly received a lot of love and attention. This showed in her health and development and made the transition to her new home in the UK very easy. Emilia had already attached to one primary care-giver so was able to attach easily to me.

Emilia saw the Paediatrician each month for a check up and to receive her immunisations. I was sent the medical statistics and photos every month to show me how she was getting along.

I chose to visit my daughter twice, once at 3 months (after the DNA testing had been done) and again at 5 months. Candace did all the co-ordination with the attorney and foster mother and helped me make my arrangements for staying in Guatemala. The foster trips helped me bond with my daughter and to see just how much she had developed between the visits.

My adoption process went very smoothly, I always felt informed, my daughter received excellent care and I was able to bring her home aged 7 months.

I think the real test for an agency lies in the question about whether someone who has already adopted a child through them would a) use that agency again for themselves and b) recommend them to their closest family and friends. In both situations my answer would be a resounding YES!

J. Benoy

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